All of our services help busy executives and entrepreneurs be more productive. We take on time consuming tasks, so you can focus on business growth.

C-Level Executive Administration

  • Contribute to optimizing your time
  • Proactively anticipate your needs
  • Hands on capable research
  • Monitor inbox
  • Save time on your travel
  • Coordinate meetings

Trusted Team Member

  • Reliable support
  • Information source person for team
  • Schedule meetings via phone and web, send your confirms and gather attendees replies
  • Strategic planning support partner
  • Manage business tasks
  • Project Assistance
  • Project coordination and maintenance
  • Source venues, vendors and supplies for your conference
  • Manage small events
  • Liaise with prospects, clients and vendors

Social Media

  • Strategize and implement your social media campaign
  • Automate your social media posts for wider circulation
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Integrate best practices
  • Manage the circulation of your digital content; website, newsletter, blog, etc.
  • Content sourcing and scheduling
  • Facebook ad and audience management
  • Post status updates photos or videos
  • Immediate notification of negative comments/responses
  • Promote your events
  • Post your blogs across social media platforms
  • Manage social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • Schedule blog posts and manage comments
  • Monitor social media conversations for new messages, followers, and engagement

Travel Planning

  • Provide itineraries for your upcoming trip
  • International and domestic travel coordination and planning
  • Ground transport to and from airport at all departure points
  • Optimize flights based on personal preferences
  • Present options on hotels to fit your preferences
  • Reserve your rental car
  • Source restaurants for entertaining clients and confirm reservations

Calendar Management
      • Take scheduling and calendar appointments off your mind
      • Verify meetings, confirm and monitor attendees
      • Set up daily tasks including action items
      • Emphasize important events like client milestones, and birthdays
      • Go to contact in emergencies
      • Schedule service appointments with your dentist, doctor, and stylist
      • Set up recurring meetings

Email Inbox
      • Assist in communication with internal and external contacts
      • Screen emails for the important ones
      • Use templates and rules for customer service questions and superfluous inquiries
      • Organize contacts with detailed profiles
      • Create filters and rules to organize mail
      • Set up mass respond to high volume emails
      • Answer non-essential emails graciously

Project Research

  • Coordinate projects and details with your team
  • Work with vendors, clients and prospects
  • Manage small and large events
  • Sales Lead Mining, review RFPs, scan the web and collect contacts or identify industry leader contact info
  • Directed Research such as track down vendor options, holiday gifts, office supplies or upcoming events to attend

Marketing Support

  • Promote your book, blog or event
  • Coordinate, monitor and manage print and web campaigns
  • Conference contacts are entered into your contacts and your CRM with notes to follow-up
  • Create and circulate press releases across multiple platforms

We provide many professional administrative services including; setting up and getting you going with social media, your newsletter, and streamlining your travel and calendar to optimize your time, as well as a range of additional services. If you don't see a service you are looking for, ask us.  With our extensive administrative experience and training, we can execute. Or we will be happy to help you find someone who can, through our network of very talented and competent Virtual Assistant colleagues.


How to Get Started Working Together

The first step in getting started is to call Susan at 781-534-9885 or email us; 

We will discuss your situation and talk about how we may be able to assist you with your current administrative needs.  If we decide together that we are a good match, we will continue to the next step in the process.


When you hire Susan Gibbons Virtual Assistants we will provide you with superior results and an invaluable partnership.


Enhance your Profitability: You will have more time to focus on your core business objectives which will not only improve your efficiency and productivity levels but will undoubtedly increase your bottom line. You will also have more time to consider where your business is heading, and how to get there. You need time to think, gather information, and talk to your colleagues and customers. You need time to respond to that opportunity no one else has time to investigate. You can get that now.

Partner in your success: You gain a business support partner who is dedicated to promoting the success of your business.

No Recruitment or Hiring Costs: You will not have to deal with the hassle and expense associated with recruiting, selecting, testing, screening, hiring, training, managing, and maintaining an on-site employee.

Payroll: You do not need to set up a payroll system or take deductions for State and Federal Income, Social Security, or Medicare taxes.

Employee Tax Deductions or IRS Reporting Requirements: You do not need to make regular payroll tax deposits, make payments for State and Federal Unemployment Tax or Workers' Compensation insurance, or submit quarterly and annual employer reports to the IRS.

Overhead Costs: You do not have to set up and provide a space or purchase and maintain additional office equipment, such as computer, phone, fax, desk, and chair or office supplies.

No Training Costs: Other than the initial learning curve to learn your business and work requirements, there is no cost or obligation involved in providing additional or ongoing training.

No Benefit Administration or Costs: You won't have to administer or provide benefits such as health care, vacation/sick/holiday pay, or a retirement plan.

Commitment to Excellence: We go the extra mile to consistently produce a high caliber work product that will result in complete satisfaction and foster a long-term relationship.