All of our services help busy executives and solopreneurs be more productive. We take the time consuming tasks off your mind, so you can focus on business growth.

C-Level Executive Administration

  • Contribute to optimizing your time
  • Proactively anticipate your needs
  • Hands on capable research
  • Monitor inbox
  • Save time on your travel
  • Coordinate meetings

Trusted Team Member

  • Reliable support
  • Information source person for team
  • Schedule meetings via phone and web, send your confirms and gather attendees replies
  • Strategic planning support partner
  • Manage business tasks
  • Project Assistance
  • Project coordination and maintenance
  • Source venues, vendors and supplies for your conference
  • Manage small events
  • Liaise with prospects, clients and vendors

Social Media Coordination

  • Strategize and implement your social media campaign
  • Automate your social media posts for wider circulation
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Integrate best practices
  • Manage the circulation of your digital content; website, newsletter, blog, etc.
  • Content sourcing and scheduling
  • Facebook ad and audience management
  • Post status updates photos or videos
  • Immediate notification of negative comments/responses
  • Promote your events
  • Post your blogs across social media platforms
  • Manage social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • Schedule blog posts and manage comments
  • Monitor social media conversations for new messages, followers, and engagement

Travel Planning

  • Provide itineraries for your upcoming trip
  • International and domestic travel coordination and planning
  • Ground transport to and from airport at all departure points
  • Optimize flights based on personal preferences
  • Present options on hotels to fit your preferences
  • Reserve your rental car
  • Source restaurants for entertaining clients and confirm reservations

Calendar Management
      • Take scheduling and calendar appointments off your mind
      • Verify meetings, confirm and monitor attendees
      • Set up daily tasks including action items
      • Emphasize important events like client milestones, and birthdays
      • Go to contact in emergencies
      • Schedule service appointments with your dentist, doctor, and stylist
      • Set up recurring meetings

Email Inbox
      • Assist in communication with internal and external contacts
      • Screen emails for the important ones
      • Use templates and rules for customer service questions and superfluous inquiries
      • Organize contacts with detailed profiles
      • Create filters and rules to organize mail
      • Set up mass respond to high volume emails
      • Answer non-essential emails graciously

Project Research

  • Coordinate projects and details with your team
  • Work with vendors, clients and prospects
  • Manage small and large events
  • Sales Lead Mining, review RFPs, scan the web and collect contacts or identify industry leader contact info
  • Directed Research such as track down vendor options, holiday gifts, office supplies or upcoming events to attend

Marketing Support

  • Promote your book, blog or event
  • Coordinate, monitor and manage print and web campaigns
  • Conference contacts are entered into your contacts and your CRM with notes to follow-up
  • Create and circulate press releases across multiple platforms

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