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Let's talk about your money!
This is the time of year we are all thinking about money. We look closely at how much is coming in and where it goes when it goes out. Your income, expenses, and taxes all come into sharp focus. But are you looking at the big picture? We can help.

Are you mixing your expenses?

Jackie, an entrepreneur based in Chicago, is a small business owner who sometimes has to use her personal credit card for business related purchases. She knows this can be a problem come tax season, but necessity demands it. Just about any tax professional will tell you the most common financial mistake that small businesses make is mixing business and personal expenses. First and foremost you may be required to keep these expenses separate if your business is a C Corp, S Corp or an LLC. But perhaps just as important mingling those expenses can make it much more difficult to measure the overall financial health of your business. You also can have a problem on your hands when tax season rolls around and you are sorting through receipts to find what transaction was for business and what was for personal use.

SGVA can help your business in many ways. We will help you find the CPA you need this tax season. Or, we can assist in finding and setting up the right software that fits your needs plus get your data up to date for you.

Got a Budget?

James, is a busy executive who volunteers his spare time. With all he has going on in work and personally. he knows he needs a budget to simply track with money is coming in and what money is going out in his own life. SGVA helped with his starting a budget on a simple spreadsheet to start and then with the next step of setting priorities and goals for how he wants to spend. A good budget can help  save up an emergency fund for the unexpected, and pay down debts.

When your business day brings the unexpected, Susan Gibbons Virtual Assistants is YOUR reliable expert. SGVA can help you take the steps you need to get your expenses, bookkeeping and even your budgeting in line with your vision. Doesn't that sound better than worrying and wondering about where your money goes? We'll help you keep more of it and get ahead of scrambling from emergency to emergency.

SGVA has over 40 years of administrative experience to help navigate through the constant unexpected challenges of your small business. Let SGVA be your safety net in a pinch, your time-saver in a crazy day and your social media executive.  GROW your business with SGVA!

Where ever you go, we’re there for you.