Susan Gibbons Virtual Assistants provides dependable professional business support for small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and management consultants. If you are ready to offload the tasks that take up

 your precious time each day, you have come to the right place. Contact us to develop a strategy and an action plan to get started.

Small business owners need to take time off to unplug and recharge

But it's a double edged sword. How to unplug and recharge while still running your business? Delegate. Your Virtual Assistant can help put your plan in motion and execute many tasks while you are away. To completely unplug will take determination on your part, but with your VA in place you can have a stress free vacation.

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Welcome Ellen McKenna!

We are happy to announce that Ellen has joined the SGVA team.

Ellen will be heading up
our creative writing and editing. Ellen has experience working for a major network and she will bring her excellent work ethic to your tasks. Add another layer of success to your writing needs and maximize your SEO. Ellen offers her skills in content writing, creative writing, copy writing, editing and proofreading. Ellen has 5 years experience writing website content and newsletters specifically geared toward small business marketing strategies. Contact us to learn more!

Susan Gibbons Virtual Assistants is your reliable expert when it comes to keeping you and your small business up to date on the latest information. We will get the projects done so you can work on growing your bottom line.

SGVA has over 40 years of administrative experience to help navigate through the constant unexpected challenges of your small business. Let SGVA be your partner in a hectic time, your time-saver in a crazy day and your social media administrator.  GROW your bottom line with SGVA!

Where ever you go, we’re here for you.