Susan Gibbons Virtual Assistants provides dependable professional business support for small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and management consultants.   

If you are ready to offload the tasks that take up your precious time, you have come to the right place.

Featured in the June & July 2017 edition of Boston Voyager magazine!

We are in the final quarter of 2017.

Do you need to start on that project you have been delaying?

How about laying the ground work for calendar year 2018?

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What's your disaster recovery plan?

Do you have a company emergency plan in place? Your Virtual Assistant can help you with planning and preparation. We can help you formulate a contingency plan that fits your company's needs. Virtual assistants are located in a remote office and they can maintain business communications between you, your vendors and your prospects and clients at all times. Sign up for our October - November 2017 newsletter to learn more! 

Is your electronic back-up system ready to withstand a natural disaster? If your office or store was hit by a natural disaster what would happen to your business’s financial data? What about customer records or other sensitive company information? Losing crucial data can level your small business. Your virtual assistant can set up and maintain the regular external backup of all of your company's data and keep you up and running even if your office is not. To find out more, sign up for our October - November 2017 newsletter here!

When a storm or natural disaster brings the unexpected, Susan Gibbons Virtual Assistants is YOUR reliable expert. SGVA can help you take the steps you need to get your business ready for whatever Mother Nature may throw your way. Doesn't that sound better than worrying and wondering about your clients and your data? We'll help you get ahead of dealing with the emergency to being back up and running.

SGVA has over 40 years of administrative experience to help navigate through the constant unexpected challenges of your small business. Let SGVA be your safety net in a pinch, your time-saver in a crazy day and your social media executive.  GROW your business with SGVA!

Where ever you go, we’re here for you.